Thursday, July 15, 2010


MY REVIEW OF "THE LAST AIRBENDER": Just got home after seeing "The Last Airbender" (begin rant)... SMH. what a travesty. How do you take a wonderfully imagined kids show and convert it into a dull, soulless, confusing melodrama? Simple, hire M. Night SHAME-a-lan to direct it. All the magic of Nickelodeon's "Airbender" is not here. There is no comedy, no adventure, and no explanations. Not to mention the characters names were mispronounced! I feel like that was just a slap in the face. The pacing was horrible! The first 15 minutes of the movie could have easily taken 45. The way Shyamalan flies over important plot details makes me think this is the first film he's made, not his seventh. The acting was so stiff and the love story so forced it makes "The Phantom Menace" look like "The Godfather." Plus, THERE WAS NO 3D! Seriously, we need to ban 3D cause Hollywood is stealing our money. I kept taking my glasses off to see if I was supposed to be seeing something remotely three dimensional. Please don't do any more Airbender movies. Give the fans the animated epic we deserve.



silentbob14 said...

Nice review;]

Once a misguided soul said...

wow, strong review I was really contemplating going to see it but after those strong words I will definately have to reconsider

Thanks for the heads up