Monday, November 24, 2008

808's and Heartbreak: An Opinion

When Kanye West announced that his fourth album would be sung through Autotune, the Hip-Hop community ushered a heavy sigh, myself included. This was a questionable direction for an artist who many feel single handedly brought "real" Hip-Hop to the mainstream. "Autotune" is quickly becoming a bad word in the Rap game. A large portion of fans just don't subscribe to it. I included myself in this group of people initially.

After listening to the album, I must say that I'm impressed. I think Kanye has reached a point in his career where musically and emotionally he just can't make the same music he used to. Imagine if Kanye was the type of artist who found a dope sound and just stuck with it. If that was the case, Mr. West would still be speeding up soul records and he'd be as hot as Scott Storch. Kanye is a trend setter, and he has brought a new sound. It may not be as digestible as Gnarls Barkley's or Andre 3000's but its still dope Hip-Hop.

Imagine if Kanye was a brand new artist than no one had heard of. People would go crazy over this album, Autotune or not. Look at the success that T-Pain, Lil Wayne and even Ron Brownz are having. The Album is dope, it's just not the album people want from Yeezy.

Sometime you have to let an artist be an artist.

Favorite Songs: Heartless, Amazing, Street Lights, Coldest Winter

Check out Dallas Penn's unofficial video for Street Lights:

Street Lights from dallas penn on Vimeo.

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Mr. Day Job said...

i like the album, but the sound isnt really new. the autotune shit been saturating rap for a while now... its the easy solution for any top 40 hook... i think fans are conditioned to almost expect it now